Tooth Whitening

tooth-whiteningDo you want to give your smile a fast, safe and effective brightness boost? Then tooth whitening may be what you’re looking for. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available. Treatment can take as little as three weeks, meaning it’s the perfect way to boost your smile (and your confidence) before a special occasion, perhaps a wedding, a big family gathering, or an important business presentation. What’s more, most of t


Are you one of the thousands of adults who dream of having straighter teeth? Teeth that are crooked, or misaligned, is one of the most common cosmetic dental concerns in the UK, and problems with tooth alignment can also affect biting and chewing, which may limit the foods you can eat. Crooked teeth are also more difficult to clean, which could cause you further dental health problems such as gum disease or decay further down the line. gum-diseaseThe problem is, many people find themselves in a catch 22 situation. They desperately want straighter teeth, but are put o

Benefits of our Dental Health Plan

At Causeway and Blackhorse dental practices we believe that everyone deserves a happy, healthy smile. We want to ensure that anybody and everybody is able to access the highest-quality dental treatment, as and when they need it. To that end, we offer a comprehensive Dental Health Plan, with various levels depending on your preference. Our practice plans start at just £8.50 per month. dental-healthIf the issue of cost is putting you off seeking treatment, our practice plan can help. It is always best to act as quickly as possible on any dental health issues, to make treatment simpler, less invasive and less expens

School Oral Health Talk

Two of team members recently visited a local school to speak with the reception class about dental health. They had a great time dressing them up as a dentist and were shown how to brush their teeth with Mr Wide Mouth and a huge toothbrush. Each child receive a goody bag containing colouring pictures, quizzes, toothpaste and a 2 minute timer to encourage brushing for 2 minutes twice a day. Thank you to CTS and Colegate for supporting this visit and we are looking forward to returning later this year to talk to some of the older children as part of their science work. If you would like our team to visit your school or club then please contact Rosie Woodards on 01403 522 477

Accepting New Patients

Are you looking for a new dentist or know someone that is? Scared of seeing the dentist or has it been a while since your last check up? Then why not visit one of our caring team of dentists and hygienists to find out what good health & patient focused dentistry looks like. We are accepting new patients both on a private and NHS basis at both our practices. Simply click here to book online in just 5 minutes.

Be Sugar Smart!

Ever wondered how much sugar is in a drink or food product? Well why not download this great new app from the Change for Life project by the Department of Health! Simply scan the barcode of a product and in seconds it will tell you how much sugar it contains! It also gives guidance on how much sugar our bodies can tolerate on a daily basis at all age groups. So why not be sugar smart and download the app today!

English have better teeth than Americans

A new study has shown that English people have better teeth than their US counterparts.

In the study, published in the British Medical Journal, researchers in the UK and the US examined data from English and American dental surveys.

The results showed that the average number of missing teeth was 6.97 for English participants, but 7.31 for those in the US.

Additionally, people were more likely to suffer poor dental health in the US because of socio-economic factors.

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Smokers notice negative affect on their oral health

A third of smokers (37%) notice the negative affect smoking can have on their appearance. The survey, commissioned by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) found that 36% of UK smokers say smoking has discoloured their teeth and 71% are concerned with the negative effect smoking has on their oral health. The results have come about to coincide with calls to quit smoking on Wednesday 9 March 2016, or ‘No Smoking Day’ the BHF is calling it. Click the link below to find out more and read the full article. Smokers notice negative affect on their oral health (shared from