Benefits of our Dental Health Plan

At Causeway and Blackhorse dental practices we believe that everyone deserves a happy, healthy smile. We want to ensure that anybody and everybody is able to access the highest-quality dental treatment, as and when they need it. To that end, we offer a comprehensive Dental Health Plan, with various levels depending on your preference. Our practice plans start at just £8.50 per month.

dental-healthIf the issue of cost is putting you off seeking treatment, our practice plan can help. It is always best to act as quickly as possible on any dental health issues, to make treatment simpler, less invasive and less expensive. Looking after oral health isn’t just vital for your teeth and gums, it’s important to your whole body, too. Preventative care, involving regular trips to the dentist and hygienist, is essential to avoiding problems happening in the first place.

Even the best looked-after teeth can be damaged by accident or injury, which is why we include dental insurance in all of our practice plans. This covers emergency dental care, even if you are away from home, and treatment at the practice for accidental damage to your teeth or gums.

The insurance also includes:

  • Redundancy cover
  • Hospital benefit if you need to visit a hospital for dental surgery
  • A lump-sum pay out if you are diagnosed with oral cancer

What’s included in your plan

We have various levels of practice plan available, and you can select the most appropriate one for you depending on such factors as how often you visit the dentist and dental hygienist in a year.

Plans include:

  • Dental health checks with the dentist
  • Dental hygiene appointments
  • Emergency dental appointments
  • 10% discount on private dental treatment from your dentist
  • Dental insurance cover, as above
  • Guaranteed lowest prices

The 10% discount on private dental treatment includes general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, bringing the benefits of a truly alluring smile to everyone who wants it.

You can arrange your plan via our website, can come into one of our practises to talk about your options, or can contact us by telephone if you have any additional questions.

Contact us now on:

Causeway: 01403 252 477

Blackhorse Way:  01403 254 615