Regular dental check ups and hygienist visits are essential to spot any potential problems early as well as maintain the health of your teeth and gums through regular professional cleaning.

Your dentist will perform a thorough dental examination at each check up focusing on the following areas of your mouth:

  • Check your medical details – many medical conditions and medications have a direct and significant effect on the health of your mouth.
  • Ask if you have had any problems or concerns since your last visit – patients often can tell if something isn’t quite right, let your dentist know and they will examine your concerns more closely.
  • Examine the health of your tongue, lips and cheeks and jaw joints – oral cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK and is on the increase.
  • Check each individual tooth health and condition – problems spotted earlier are more easily solved and cost less to maintain.
  • Check your bite and for signs of tooth wear – tooth wear or ‘enamel erosion’ is an increasingly common problem in the modern population.
  • Check for any soft or hard plaque deposits – that can reduce the health of your gums, increasing the risk of dental decay and gum disease.
  • Check how healthy your gums are – poor gum health has been shown to have a direct impact on many systemic health conditions such as heart disease.
  • Ask you about your current oral health routine – to see if we can offer any advice on improving your oral health.
  • Check the health and condition of any existing fillings, crowns, bridges or implants – defects or ledges on these restorations can lead to gum problems or dental decay.
  • Take regular x-rays – at specified intervals set by professional guidelines to check between teeth, under fillings and crowns and the supporting bone structures where your dentist can’t see so easily naturally.
  • Looking to change your smile? – let your dentist know if there is something you don’t like or want to change about your smile. They will give you their expert advice on any suitable cosmetic options such as tooth whitening. We will always aim to offer the most conservative and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment options available to maintain your natural health and minimise any long-term complications.

Your dentist will then recommend a suitable period to return after known as your recall date. This can vary from three months to over a year depending on the health of your mouth and potential risks of any dental diseases. We usually recommend however that you see a hygienist between dental check ups to ensure optimal gum and oral health as prevention is always better then cure!

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