quote-start In a short time I have developed the upmost confidence in the skills of Dr O’Hara I am convinced that his professional and unbiased approach combined with his willingness to refer when necessary, puts my best interests ahead of any other considerations.

Whilst it is not difficult to rehearse facts, it is often difficult to convey sentiment in a testimonial so I hope my closing comments will help to do so. When a professional does not just meet your best expectations, but goes beyond them and raises the level beyond anything previously experienced, it is a rare event but that this is exactly how I feel about the care and attention received from Dr O’Hara. If any further evidence were needed, I referred my wife and son into his care and have done so with complete confidence that they are in the hands of somebody who skills and approach belies the years. quote-end

quote-start I wish to put on record my sincere appreciation for the dental treatment I received from Dr O’Hara. It has made a great difference to my life.

I had going to leave the site of my teeth and avoided looking at them at all costs (I had been very proud of them when I was younger). I just liked the feel of them on my tongue. I thought things would have to remain like this.

Dr O’Hara treatment has changed all this and I am more than happy with the outcome. Dr O’Hara’s manner was friendly and informative – and always reassuring. The two visits for quite long treatments were, strange to say, most enjoyable.

I cannot thank Dr O’Hara enough for making a real difference to my sense of well-being. quote-end

quote-start After many years of gentle but thorough treatment, originally at her previous practice, I am convinced of the very real benefits that regular hygiene appointments with Jenny Kenward bring about.

By following her advice and schedule, and only do I have improved all hygiene but also reduced incidence of remedial dental treatment. quote-end

quote-start My husband and I have been with the Causeway dental practice from 1983, naturally we have stayed with this practice because of the high level of service we have received over the years.

We are delighted to say that Dr O’Hara is continuing this high level of dental care for both myself and my husband and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. quote-end

quote-start I have been a patient of the Causeway dental surgery for 16 years and have always been happy with the caring attention I have received the practice. In fact so much so, but when I moved from Horsham, I decided to stay with them for my dental care, preferring to travel 20 miles to Horsham rather than reregister with a local practice. All the staff at the practice are very friendly and welcoming. I am looked after by dental surgeon Dr Mark O’Hara and Dental Hygienist Jenny Kenward who always give me the best possible care. quote-end

quote-start We have used the Causeway Dental Practice for some years now. We are both patients of Fay Eves and consider she provides a good service. We find her effective and efficient as well as cheerful and good humoured. quote-end

quote-start Sheila Whittaker (one of the hygienists) has a wonderful way of giving advice without talking down to you. quote-end

quote-start I always get a smile and competent service-not to mention helpful tips as to how I might manage my dental hygiene more effectively. quote-end

quote-start Dr Moore’s patience and people skills inspired great confidence in my daughter to have root canal treatment rather than loose a second tooth. quote-end

quote-start I like the continuity of seeing the same Hygienist as I feel she knows my teeth and their problems and this also makes me feel more relaxed. quote-end

quote-start First and Foremost, Fay is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable dental hygienist. Without exception, she is always warm and friendly, dare I say fun, but there is never any smokescreen with Fay, she is refreshingly honest.

All of the above underpins Fay’s approach, but the important thing is the end result-she inspires, she has invoked personal ownership of my own dental hygiene, helping me to change my dental health habits. She makes a difference. quote-end

quote-start I always feel confident with the treatment I have received in your care and would willingly recommend Fay Eves who is an excellent hygienist. Her sense of humour in relation to the task in hand is refreshing but underlying this humour is a dedication and total commitment for the best for her patients. quote-end

quote-start I would strongly recommend that everyone should attend the hygienist as part of their dental care. It is quite painless and well worth the money. It is always a joy to see Sheila Whittaker. quote-end

quote-start I always find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during my dental hygienist appointments. quote-end

quote-start A constant good service. Patience and care is notable on each occasion visit to the dental hygienist. I have not previously met a hygienist who was as careful and successful at treating me painlessly. quote-end

quote-start Sheila Whittaker is friendly and chatty but very professional and careful in her work. quote-end

quote-start Sheila Whittaker is friendly, gentle and takes great care when treating me. She is very approachable. quote-end

quote-start Dr. Ramburrun is an excellent dentist. I suffer from extreme dental phobia and she helped rebuild my top right front tooth and I felt like a celebrity when I left the surgery! quote-end

quote-start Sheila the hygienist is incredibly thorough and her attention to detail is second to none. I always come away with the feeling of having brand new teeth! Amazing! quote-end

quote-start After many years of gentle but thorough treatment, I am convinced of the very real benefits of regular hygiene appointments with Jenny Kenward. By following her advice and treatment schedule, not only have I gained from improved oral hygiene but also from a direct correlation with reduced remedial treatment; I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and Jenny now treats the whole family.

Seeing the hygienist regularly means any potential oral problems can be quickly spotted. quote-end