At Causeway and Blackhorse Way dental practices we are committed to protecting your teeth and to preventing dental emergencies. If you play a contact sport such as boxing or martial arts, or a sport that involves moving objects, such as football, rugby or hockey, you should wear a mouth guard at all times when playing. Failure to do so can result in broken or damaged teeth, or even a broken or dislocated jaw. Using a mouth guard will help to prevent such injuries.

A mouth guard is a rubber shield that fits over your teeth and protects them from impacts. All our sports guards are custom-made to exactly fit your mouth and offer maximum protection. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and study how they bite together to ensure that your mouth guard fits you perfectly.

We provide Opro sports guards, the same brand used by the England rugby team. Opro is the world’s largest manufacturers of dental mouth guards for both adults and children, and in 2007 the company was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

Because all our Opro sports guards are custom-made, they will fit comfortably in your mouth and can even provide some protection from concussion and damage to the neck and brain.

If teeth are still developing, in child and young adult patients, you may need to have your sports guard replaced fairly regularly as your mouth grows. Adult patients whose teeth are fully developed should not require such frequent replacement, but we advise that you bring your sports guard to your routine dental check-ups to ensure that it still fits properly and to check for any natural wear and tear.

There are a range of Opro dental sports guards available, with different levels of protection dependant on the sport you play. All Opro sports guards come with a year-long guarantee in the unlikely event that you lose or damage a tooth while wearing your sports guard correctly.

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