quote-start I wish to put on record my sincere appreciation for the dental treatment I received from Dr O’Hara. It has made a great difference to my life.

I had going to leave the site of my teeth and avoided looking at them at all costs (I had been very proud of them when I was younger). I just liked the feel of them on my tongue. I thought things would have to remain like this.

Dr O’Hara treatment has changed all this and I am more than happy with the outcome. Dr O’Hara’s manner was friendly and informative – and always reassuring. The two visits for quite long treatments were, strange to say, most enjoyable.

I cannot thank Dr O’Hara enough for making a real difference to my sense of well-being. quote-end


quote-start Smilelign is fab…… I had it done for my wedding and it just changed my day! For ages I noticed one tooth in every photograph and it bothered me so I didn’t need to think twice. Easy to wear, not visible, comfortable and I have to say very quick. Dr Bentley thank you for making my photos special for my special day! quote-end


quote-start The team listened to my requests and were very enthusiastic. We discussed every step of the procedure, they asked my opinion and was so friendly and humours but at all times professional and competent. The procedure took approximately five to six weeks and I have been thrilled with the results. quote-end


quote-start I can state that visits to the dentist are now an adventure that I truly enjoy. No dramas, no concerns, excellent service in both mind and teeth. The recent activities with regards to both correcting and whitening of my teeth has given myself new found confidence and a wonderful smile, something that only up until recently I knew was possible, which I am truly grateful for.

If asked I would, and have been, proactively recommending the surgery to my family, friends and colleagues. quote-end